Abscesses occur when an infection develops in the body where pockets of pus can be formed. They start as a swelling under the skin, often as a result of a puncture wound. Bites and scratches will start to swell a day or two after a bite or a quick snag from a cat’s claw.

These pockets accumulate dead bacteria and white blood cells that have moved into the area to manage the infection. If the inflammatory cells cannot keep up with the infection, pus accumulates. The abscess grows; the skin becomes weak due to the accumulation of pus that interferes with the circulation around the wound. This weak spot ruptures, creating an opening to the outside of the skin and facilitates drainage.

In most cases, after the abscess ruptures, it will take care of itself. The results from a big rupture can look scary, but they usually heal fairly well and antibiotics are rarely needed. When treated with homeopathy, some abscesses will self-absorb or will decrease the severity in the reaction.

If someone or your animal becomes listless, they should be examined right away. Also, take your animal to a veterinarian if the wound does not heal or rupture in a few days, or if your companion is getting worse. In rare circumstances, the abscess can rupture internally, which should then be treated by a veterinarian immediately.


Warm compresses will help and bring the abscess to a head. This will help facilitate circulation and the removal of pus. Apply a compress 3 to 4 times a day for five minutes or longer.

If the abscess does not rupture or reduce in size, it may need to be simply lanced without using anesthesia. Once it is open, keep it open and clean using warm compresses and flushing with diluted Calendula Wound Cleaning Solution (see Cuts and Lacerations). The wound may close back over repeatedly if the pocket is large.

Arnica 30C is used in trauma and may prevent an abscess formation if used immediately at the time of the incident. Helps reduce the effects of shock. 

Hypericum 30C can be useful if there is associated radiating pain from the abscess.

Ledum 30C is used for any puncture wounds. If caught in time, it will diminish the abscess from the start. If your cat gets your puppy or dog with a claw, give Ledum to decrease the potential of the abscess occurring.

Silicea 30C is likely the most useful remedy for abscess. Silicea will often initiate the rupture of the abscess that is slow in healing or help it to self-reabsorb. There are many remedies that can help an abscess.

Calendula Wound Cleaning Solution used topically will stimulate wound healing and decrease the likelihood of infection.

Other Remedies:
We have chosen one of the most common homeopathic remedy to treat abscesses, Silicea. However, Hepar sulphur 30C* is another good homeopathic remedy for abscesses. Consider using Hepar sulphur especially if the pus is extremely foul-smelling and the area is particularly painful.  


Abscess treatment with Silicea. very small wound healed within a day. Treatment includes Silicea, one dose for 3 weeks and then Ledum 30C, one dose, and then washing with our Wound Cleaning Agent.


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